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Model History

Refresh of the B6 platform.

(ToDo: add list of design changes from Audi literature.)

Factory (OEM) Specs

Model Factory Specs

(ALL the specs? Shouldn't these just be links to the PDFs?)

Common Problems

Coil Pack Failures

Premature Cam Follower Wear

Intake Valve Carbon Buildup

Reduces performance and causes CELs. NA FSI engines (the A4 and A6's 3.2L V6 and the RS4's 4.2L V8) seem more prone to this problem. Some reports suggest that the problem is worse on 2008 3.2 A4's than previous B7's.

DV Valve Failure

The diaphragm tears. This part has been redesigned and there are/were aftermarket options.

Glovebox brake failure

With time and use, the glovebox door begins to seize and the hinge eventually breaks from the stress. Dealer quoted quattroPaul $300 to repair.

McBadger reported that the following parts were replaced under warranty:

  • 8E1-857-124-A-24A Lid
  • 8E1-880-324-A Brake

...but it will likely just fail, again. See DIY for various more permanent fixes.

Door Window Regulator

If your window opens a bit, after you close it, this might be why.

Burns Oil

Some owners find a need to routinely top off the oil, while others do not. In at least some cases, seems to have something to do with the oil?

Intake Manifold Flap Controller

HID Headlights Flicker

Finicky ballast like a flickering fluorescent light in the office.

More details in this post.

PCV valve

Clutch Switch

Newer part # out, maybe more reliable.

Leaky Sunroof

Watch out for any water stain on the headliner. There is a TSB on the drain holes around the sunroof getting plugged.

Routine Maintenance Info



Brand Weight Users (change interval)
Motul 8100 Excess 5W-40 BuddyDog (every 5k miles)
Castrol Syntec 5-40 rasTTa
Motul youreviltwin
Mobil 1 0W-40 ToastR, 1 WW
German Castrol (GC) 0W-30 southsong


Intake Valve Cleaning

For dealing with carbon buildup (see Common Problems). The B7 RS4 forum is a good resource, since the NA 4.2L FSI engine seems more prone to this problem. Forced-induction engines seems less prone to CB, but it has still been observed on (all?) high-mileage 2.0T's that have been checked.

Note than gasoline additives are believed not to help, since fuel does not reach the intake valves.

See BG Fuel Induction cleaning thread. Here's a promotional video. One dealership offering the service charges $139 per cleaning. See also DIY.

According to this audizine thread, Seafoam induction cleaning (not the gasoline additive) has been shown to help and is considerably less expensive.

Fuel Additives

BG 44K is pricey (about $18 to $25 per can) but recommended. It's also somewhat hard to find. You can use BG's Find-A-Shop site and look for the yellow "44K" icon where it says what services & products are provided by each shop. It can also be found on ebay (the world's biggest fence).

Type Users (usage interval)
BG 44K Reggie, RKA (every ~20K just before an oil change)
Motul fuel line cleaner Tanner (every 6 months)
Lubro Moly Jectron quattrothatcould
Chevron Techron quattroPaul (in the winter)
Rev to redline (aka "Italian tune up") Pelican Pete (after couple days of city driving), quattroPaul (after couple days of city driving), Tanner (daily)


What does the red "T" mean vs. the chrome "T" in 2.0T?
B7 before model year 2007 has the red "T". Some early model year 2007 has the red "T" as well. It's not trim or equipment specific. Nobody has ever been able to provide a definitive answer but the most likely reason is that the chrome T might cost a couple cents less.

Tech Articles & DIY How-to


Commonly Requested VAG codes

Initial codes from DeMOROlized's and jstahmann's posts.

Any time you see "#" below, it means keep the existing digit.

Module 09 (Central Electronics): Lighting
Euro Headlights & DRL
Recode to ###XY, where:
Value X = DRL Y = Locale
0 Halogen without DRL N/A
1 Halogen with DRL Rest of World / Nordic Countries / Denmark / Croatia / Baltic Countries with Bi-Xenon
2 Bi-Xenon with DRL Nordic Countries / Denmark / Croatia / Baltic Countries without Bi-Xenon
3 Bi-Xenon without DRL USA / Canada with Bi-Xenon
4 Bi-Xenon with DRL / tail light / license plate light Canada without Bi-Xenon
5 N/A Special Vehicles
Brake Light Dimming
02 - Mine was set to 22, and according to VAG-COM it has an upper limit of 40. I tried several different values thinking that it might make the brake lights brighter if I had a higher value. I even had my wife watch the brake lights (with my foot on the brake) as I changed values. She didn't notice a big change, but thought she noticed it getting brighter.
Tail Light Dimming
03 - Again, mine was set well below the described upper limit. I didn't mess with this one as I don't mind how the tail lights look now.
Rear Fog Light Dimming
04 - Once again, mine was set well below the listed upper limit. I increased mine to the upper limit.
DRL Dimming (Halogen)
05 - Doesn't apply to our cars as we have the Bi-Xenons. There is a value of 92% intensity in there.
DRL Dimming (Bi-Xenon)
06 - Mine was set at 92% intensity from the factory, but I don't ever use my DRLs. However, I do like the dimmed look when I run just my city lights so I changed the value from 92 to 60%, which made my DRLs dim down to 60% intensity. So, now I may actually run my DRLs since they are more dim.
DRL Fogs (Canada)
07 - value for the intensity for Canadian DRLs, which are the Fog Lights.
Fog Light Cold Diagnosis
16 - switchable on the RS4 (it was not switchable on a B7 A4). The Cold Diagnosis causes the system to test if there is a functioning bulb in the fog lights without turning the lights on, and when you disable this you don't get the warning if bulbs are burned out or missing from the fogs (ie DTM edition cars with no Fogs). I left my coding for this alone, but if someone wanted to remove their fogs, or potentially even replace their fogs with S6 LEDs, this could help avoid any issues requiring in-line resistors on that circuit. Not positive, though.
Module 17 (Instruments)
Disable Seatbelt Chime
Recode to ###Z#, where:
Value Z = Warning Type
0 Disabled
1 Europe NCAP - Visual indicator always on, audio chime for 91 seconds active
2 USA & Canada NAR Old - Visual indicator & audio chime for 6 seconds at startup
3 USA & Canada NAR New - Visual indicator on, audio chime every 30 seconds
4 Europe NCAP including front passenger seat
5 USA & Canada NAR Old including front passenger seat
6 USA & Canada NAR New including front passenger seat (North American B7 default)

Module 46 (Central Convienence): Locks & Windows

Note: All Module 46 recodes can be combined and done in one shot. e.g. To do all 3 below, recode to [existing value + 64 - 4 + 32].

Remote Window Functions
Recode to [existing value + 64]
1-Click Unlock All Doors
Recode to [existing value - 4]
Disable Auto-Lock
Recode to [existing value - 32]


BG Intake Valve Cleaning

According to RKA, a BG rep quoted $250 for the 9210LBC + 9206 parts, and $25 for each 210 and 44K treatment. A compressed air source is needed.

Engine teardown

(Forum user Vijay had a very detailed engine teardown thread in the B7 RS4 forum. That user is no longer active & I can't find the thread.)






Steering Wheel Upgrade

Installing a TTRS Steering Wheel


Interior Trim Removal (from carboncopydesigns.com)

Glove Box Brake

Tanner says greasing the piston has helped keep the door from becoming stiff. Here's his original thread on the fix.

You can also install a replacement metal hinge.


Clear Corner Mod




Stage 1

  • Chip

Stage 2

  • Chip
  • Exhaust

Stage 3

  • Turbo upgrades
  • Fueling Kits
  • Other


  • Side Mount
  • Front Mount

Engine Mods

  • Throttle Body Boot Replacement
  • Bypass Valves

ECU (Engine Control Unit)

  • Stage 1 Software
  • Stage 3 Software & Fueling Kits

Turbo Kits (Stage 3 and beyond)

  • Plain Jane K04 kits (PJK04)
  • K04 Hybrid Kits
  • RS6 Turbo Kits
  • GT Kits
  • Tial Kits



There are fewer mods for the 3.2 engine.


Evolution MotorSports' V-Flow Intake for 3.2. One user reports that it doesn't hold together very well, so he used superglue.

Some say that any intake for the B7 S4 will work, with some trimming.

One user reported that a good, cheap cold air intake mod is to remove the stock intake & airbox, heat wrap them, and put them back on.

There have been repeated warnings about endangering your MAF if you use oil-based air filters.


Exhausts for the B6 3.0 engine are reported to work.

Exhausts (cat back?) for the B7 S4 are reported to work for quattros. Some modding will be necessary, I think consisting of additional tubing. Here's an AWE B7 S4 exhaust on a 3.2 Avant. Here's an AWE B6 S4 Exhaust on another 3.2.


  • Unitronic offers a chip tune for the 3.2. They claim 268 hp and 258 tq on 91 octane. Some users have had problems installing this, since there are apparently two different ECUs in use in 3.2 cars. Some have a Bosch ECU while others have one made by Siemens.
  • PES has advertised a chip tune for the 3.2. They claim +19 hp (274 @ 6410 rpm) and 12 tq (248 @ 3370 rpm), though I thought stock tq was 243 @ 3250. Haven't read anything about experiences with it.
  • Upsolute has also advertised a chip tune for the 3.2. They claim 275 hp and 262 tq and say it works on fwd or quattro, 6MT or automatic. Haven't read anything about experiences with it, either.


PES has reportedly been working on a supercharger kit for the 3.2. The project may have stalled, due to lack of interest and the poor reputation of their kit for the 3.0 B6.


  • Stock Replacement Rotors
  • Stock Replacement Pads
  • Big Brake Kits
    • Stasis' Alcon kit
      • 328 mm front
      • 355 mm front
      • 370 mm front
      • 310 mm rear
    • Stoptech


Springs and Shocks


  • Billstein
    • Option 1
  • Koni
  • Stasis
    • Street Sport (Koni's with custom valving)
    • Ohlins SL
    • Motorsport

Clutches & Flywheels


  • STaSIS Center Diff mod - for MT6 transmissions, only.
  • STaSIS limited-slip rear diff - no longer offered, due to supplier problems. Any others?


  • Carbon Trim


  • Clear Corner Reflectors (see DIY)


  • NavPlus - RNS-E Install

Other Resources

OEM Part Numbers

(ToDo: Part Number Lookup Page)

OEM Part Suppliers


Other Sites

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