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Audi Car Club Chicagoland Chapter

Some of the most popular activities that our chapter organizes involve high performance driving instruction at various road-racing courses throughout the region. These courses are not racing schools, but rather they concentrate on increasing driver skill and car control at elevated speeds in a safe environment. Every participant is given extensive classroom instruction and works one-on-one with an experienced instructor. We also incorporate real-world simulations such as accident avoidance to enhance a driver's skill set and bring the lessons to every day life. These schools are also a great opportunity to appreciate the engineering prowess of every Audi automobile while learning about your personal limits. Participation in our Driver's Safety Schools is limited to club members only. Whether your interests are driving schools, motorsports, car care or simply enjoying and appreciating fine German engineering on your daily commute, membership in our club offers something for everyone. But truly, the best benefit of club membership is the wonderful people that you meet. I can personally attest to the friendships I've made through the club that have lasted for years and will remain for years to come. The camaraderie you will experience while involved in the club's activities is second to none. It's really true what they say, "You meet the nicest people driving an Audi".

Audi Car Club - Chicagoland Chapter

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