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Welcome to the WIKI!


Audi Model-Specific Information

Model List

Audi General

Common Abbreviations

Audi Motorsports

Audi History

Technical Articles

Technical Articles


Events: How To




How to Contribute

Want to help? First things first, you need to learn about Wikis and how they work. Please read through the following links and then don't be shy, start adding content and information!


There are a couple of places to discuss the Wiki.

  • For discussion about specific pages, each page has a Discussion tab. Do not clutter content pages with discussion. For instance, discuss here.
    • TIP: Sign your name with '- ~~~~'. Mediawiki will do the rest - Nyet 08:14, 25 September 2009 (UTC)
  • For more general discussion about the Wiki itself, Josh created a WIKI forum: Wiki Forum on QuattroWorld

Model Page Template

PLEASE USE THIS TEMPLATE when creating new pages for Models that do not yet have pages! View template, then click EDIT at top of page, then CUT & PASTE into new page!

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